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7 ways to optimize a business trip

To reduce their travel budgets but also their carbon footprint, multinationals are on the lookout for any optimization. We have identified seven ways to reduce travel costs, three of which will bring productivity gains.

1- Videoconferencing

This is the best known and most classic method.It avoids a professional trip. Increasingly used, quality increasingly breathtaking, and always cheaper, it nevertheless has a relational limit: nothing replaces a good business lunch!

2- Declining the travelers

A direct, immediate and unadorned way to reduce the travel budget. Not easy to impose on frequent travelers and even less on long haul.Painfulness and impact on the immediate physical and psychological health, and therefore on the motivation and productivity of the interested parties.

3- Mutualize the expenses

How many times have we seen 3 travelers take 3 different taxis to get from the same Headquarter to the airport or vice versa? 
What a waste! 
Cost sharing is an obvious and smart way to reduce costs. By grouping business travelers on taxis, or Airbnb rentals, we will reduce the costs of hotel rooms and local transport, provided we know who comes when.
How to go about it ? Simply by notifying in advance, thanks to hubtobee, the protagonists who for the moment are missing one another or only discovered them by chance once their taxis have been settled.

4- Synergize the parcels budget with the travel budget

Passing parcels / documents by colleagues while taking advantage of their trips avoids expensive couriers. If I have a small package urgently needed for the San Francisco branch from Paris, thanks to Hubtobee, I can see that Bob, who I did not know personally, will be going back tomorrow and will be able to give me this fast, free and ecological service. And sometimes the price of the registered parcel with acknowledgment of receipt is not far from that of the air ticket …

5- Optimize the hidden times: see more people on the spot

To be able to share all trips in order to know in advance who else is traveling to the same place from all over the world. Hubtobee does it and works as a doodle, as it is connected to an appointment maker tool. Spending less time to set up more appointments during my one-time trip, this is the very definition of productivity.

6- Group intelligence

Evaluate the very necessity of a trip based on the existing flow or bio-mimic the hive. Each traveler can check the need for his movement and avoid redundancies. The frequent travelers are fond of that. They represent 20% of travelers but weigh 80% of the travel budget, and dream of reducing the number of their trips, synonymous with jetlag and instability of their private lives. Hubtobee will fill them by revealing the flow of all the company’s trips to help them reducing them.

7- Artificial intelligence

Choose your destination according to the movements of others and no longer simply to their location of work. Have an assistant able to define the most appropriate place to meet. Take advantage of each other’s movements to connect and meet each other by maximizing rationalization, time, costs and CO2 emissions. Thanks to hubtobee, I see that my colleague from Tokyo will leave NY the day before I arrive to Manhattan! I can then take my trip a day earlier to see him and avoid a trip to Tokyo a few weeks later!

Domitille Hanoteau

Community manager Hubtobee



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