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About Hubtobee

And its passionate team

Hubtobee Team

Our Strory

Hubtobee, a French B2B SaaS start-up, was founded in 2015 by Thibault de Guillebon, Louis de Veron, Benoit Rabourdin, and Bruno Rochet in order to optimize business travel expenses by cultivating collective intelligence across organizations.

Following the Covid-19 crisis and the popularization of hybrid work, the company introduced a new solution specialized in hybrid work management in 2020.

The purpose of the application, named Hubtobee Flex, is to empower interactions and collective intelligence to create the most efficient corporate hybrid environment.

Co-developed with Inetum (ex GFI), Hubtobee Flex is based on our deep understanding of the constantly evolving needs of large groups and SMEs.

Our mission is to inspire businesses by leveraging collective intelligence anytime and anywhere.


Louis de Veron


Benoit Rabourdin


Bruno Rochet


Louis de Veron is the President of Hubtobee, the youngest and the boldest among the founders.

A graduate of EDHEC Business School, Louis has already had experience in a start-up in Austin, Texas.

"When I was an intern at a large group in Paris, I wanted to move internally to Sweden. I would have appreciated having hubtobee to connect me with local people who were coming to Paris. It would have helped me a lot."

Benoit Rabourdin (HEC), like many executives today, also regretted the lack of shared information in his Group.

An expatriate for 15 years (USA, Chile, Kenya, New Zealand and Switzerland), he explains it this way: "I was struggling every week to get the list of colleagues from other offices on the move in my workplace to contact them and meet."

Benoit joined the team to help found Hubtobee.

Bruno Rochet, a graduate of the Ecole Centrale de Paris and a serial entrepreneur, is an expert in the travel industry.

He is the perfect CTO to lead the development and the technical aspects of Hubtobee.

Hubtobee is his 3rd startup. the 2nd one, Darjeelin was bought by “voyage privée” in 2014. "My past experiences made me comfortable with complex environments, I was convinced that corporate travel was managed in an archaic way and very far from the current collaborative movement."

He adds: "I thus joined the team with the desire to create the pro travel 3.0 page in order to bring my technical vision to hubtobee, an (agile) method and also put myself at the service of the product vision."

Our Values

that we cherish and defend every day at Hubtobee

I am always actively listening to my customers, my colleagues, and the market.
I recognize and respect the values of others.
I work for the common good with a good team spirit.

At Hubtobee, I pursue my goals and those of my team and my clients with tenacity.

I am daring yet I know how to adapt.
I search for and find solutions.
I support the freedom-form company's organization and the personal responsibility of each employee.

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