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A passionate team
around an ambitious project


Une équipe passionnée autour d'un projet ambitieux

Our story

Hubtobee is a french company created in 2015 by Thibault de Guillebon, Louis de Veron, Benoit Rabourdin and Bruno Rochet, which develops a B2B software SaaS mode (Software as a Service).  The startup was founded in order to set up a collective intelligence while reducing the business trips budget. Hubtobee starts from a simple analysis and a hardship that Thibault de Guillebon (HEC), international sales for five years, has experienced many times. "In an American sofware company I worked for, I suffered from a lack of knowledge of the travel environment of the other colleagues" he says.

To make his travels profitable, Thibault had to find several client meetings in the same area in the given time. "I was often asked to organize one or two extra appointments to maximize the cost of my travel". He adds "It took me days of preparation, while dozens of my company's salespeople in Europe were in the same place and at the same time to meet other clients who may have become mine too".

minutes. His company paid a large travel budget without being able to leverage it, making it more productive.

So was born Hubtobee project...

Benoit Rabourdin (HEC), like many executives today, was also disappointed by this lack of information in his Group. Expatriate during 15 years (USA, Chile, Kenya, New-Zealand and Switzerland) he explains it: "I struggled every week to get a list of colleagues from other offices traveling to my workplace in order to contact and meet them" 

Therefore, Benoit joined the team to create hubtobee.

Bruno Rochet, from Central and serial entrepreneur, also knows perfectly the world of travel. Bruno is the dreamed CTO to carry out the technical development of Hubtobee. He co-founded his 3rd startup, the 2nd, Darjeelin was bought by « Private Trip » in 2014. "My past experiences have made me comfortable with complex environments, I was convinced that corporate travel was managed in an archaic way and very far from the current collaborative trend."

He adds, "I joined the team with the desire to create the business travel page 3.0 to bring my technical vision to Hubtobee, an agile method and also to put myself at the service of the product vision."

And finally Louis de Veron, the youngest and the daring. Graduated from the Business School EDHEC, Louis already had a Texas start-up experience in Austin. "When I was an intern in Paris in a large group, I wanted to get expat to Sweden. I would have liked hubtobee to put me in touch with the locals who came to Paris, it would have helped me a lot."

Since then, he co-founded Hubtobee and is in charge of the business development.


Thibault de Guillebon


Louis de Veron


Bruno Rochet


Benoit Rabourdin



Since then, the team has expanded well and does not intend to stop there! Hubtobee is surrounded by the best bees, passionate about their jobs, always with a smile and the desire to surpass themselves. The team is made up of travel and apps specialists.
Their motivation is the guarantee of good communication and quality service. The bees are at your service to offer you full satisfaction and a unique user experience.

L'équipe Hubtobee


that we love and defend daily at Hubtobee

The business trip must also become responsible and must evolve to face the new ecological, cultural and professional challenges.

A trip involves high CO2 emissions and an important budget for the company, tiredness and time for the coworkers.

The travel decision now must be made with information connected to the reality of the company, avoiding unnecessary travel, allowing a better balance between personal life and working life of the traveler.

The time and the cost spent, the CO2 emitted must now be collectively organized to be minimized.

It is the company’s and each of its employees responsibility.

At Hubtobee, we believe that human capital is the company's first asset and that professional interpersonal relationships are paramount.

We also believe that the presence of the other can be a present for the others and thus, to favor the collective intelligence of the company.

Starting from the simple observation that today, if I go to the office, it's not just to send my emails but to find my teams, my colleagues and interact.

We wanted to increase this value of the meeting by revealing, in the photographic sense, who will be around me when I go to the office tomorrow. Which colleagues, whose presence is rare for me, will be in the same place as me next week.

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