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Managing the presence of collaborators becomes “easy as pie”

Hubtobee empowers interactions and collective intelligence within your company in order to create the most efficient corporate hybrid environment.

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our flex application

Unique Hybrid Work and Hybrid Office Solution

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Our new Hubtobee Flex solution is an application based on our deep understanding of the modern business needs in hybrid work organization and management. Its mission: to reinvent the hybrid working and flexible workspaces.

This unique solution is designed by and for users to deploy the collective intelligence of companies in order to make them more efficient, human, and agile.

Fonctionnalité agenda partagé - Application Hubtobee Flex

Shared Attendance Calendar

WFH, on-site, business trips, & holidays

Fonctionnalité flex office - Application Hubtobee Flex

Hot-Desking & Flow Management

Office, parking, and lunch spaces

Fonctionnalité monitoring - Application Hubtobee Flex

Management & Monitoring Tools

Remote work & space occupation rates

Hubtobee: agile work hub

Bee Flex !

Hubtobee integration SIHR

100% integrated with your systems

We offer a simple tool, perfectly integrated with various HRIS software (ADP Decidium, Cegedim, Bob, Lucca, Smart RH, Chronotime, etc.), that allows precise monitoring of allocations (payroll, lunch vouchers, WFH bonus, etc.) and, therefore, saves time.

Easy integration with Google Workspace and Microsoft for user authentication.

We have an answer to all your questions about hybrid working

Hybrid work is a recent term and people seem to use it in very different ways. For us, hybrid work is a work organization that combines both remote and in-person professional activity. In other words, when some or all employees are alternating between working from home and in the office.

Absolutely! As there is no "one size fits all" in hybrid work management, we tailor our solution to your company's specific needs. Workplace reservations and check-ins can be included or not in the offer.

To facilitate the everyday life of its user and provide essential data to HR and Team Managers, Hubtobee Flex integrates with various tools, including:

  • HRIS (ADP, Cegedim, Bob, Lucca, Smart RH, Chronotime, Horoquartz,....);
  • Microsoft and Google for Single Sign-On and calendar synchronization.

Yes, with zero problems! Hubtobee Flex integrates with Microsoft for user authentication (SSO). It can also be integrated with Outlook Calendar and MS Teams for an easier and smoother user experience and hybrid work organization.

It depends on the level of data and interface integrations your company requires. Moreover, as the success of your transition to hybrid work is our priority, we also provide specific training sessions for key users (Team Leads, HR, Facilities Managers) as well as collaborators before officially launching the solution.

Each employee will need a laptop or a smartphone to access the application.

In case you opt-in for Hybrid Working or Hub plan, you would probably need some extra hardware to allow employees to check in to their prebooked workplace. Three technological options are available: sensors, QR codes, or SLS (Smart Lighting Services).

Hubtobee Flex is a SaaS solution, therefore, you will be charged a monthly subscription per user (employee). Depending on the complexity of integrations required, the set-up fee is applied. Contact our team to find out more.

Yes. Our solution is compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and certified by Virtual DPO®. You will find detailed information on our commitments to data protection and privacy in our commercial contract.

Hubtobee Vision on Hybrid Work

Hybrid Work: the new driver for agility and growth

Before: We worked in the office every day. Now: We work from anywhere.

To see each other, to say hello, and to share a cup of coffee isn’t as simple as it used to be. Such encounters have to be organized in the right place and at the right moment. The office has become a meeting hub, the rest is free from space and time constraints.

At Hubtobee, we believe in the power of a controlled, profitable, and intelligent hybrid work environment that drives individual and collective growth.

Embark on your hybrid work journey