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Hubtobee's Vision

Become a world-leading platform in building hybrid work environments.

A community is strong when it knows how to quickly mobilize individual talents to serve a common goal. The more troublesome it is for talents to meet, the harder it is for an organization to produce the collective intelligence necessary for its growth.

For several years now, and particularly during the pandemic, silos have emerged in the professional world. These silos affect teams' agility and reduce their creative capacities, leading to unnecessary time and money losses and directly attacking employee motivation.

As a result, companies now seek to (re)build a corporate culture around transversality and deploy a hybrid work organization that allows up to 24% productivity gain.

Consequently, more and more companies oblige their employees to work from home regularly. Indeed, 90% of organizations will practice hybrid work in the post-pandemic era.

Despite this trend, the management of nearly 70% of organizations still does not have a clear vision of the hybrid model to put in place. Especially considering that one model cannot satisfy all companies.

HR managers, who are racking their brains to deploy and manage hybrid organizations, are turning to smart digital solutions to help them face this challenge.

Nowadays, organizations have to manage a growing volume of remote teams while guaranteeing their operational efficiency, good quality of life at work, and cost gains: a real challenge for many businesses.

vision de hubtobee sur le travail hybride

How to build a smart hybride work environment?

In a world where the office has become a meeting hub, our mission is simple: to inspire companies by leveraging collective intelligence anytime and anywhere.

At Hubtobee, we believe in the power of a controlled, profitable, and intelligent hybrid work environment as a driver for individual and collective growth.

That is why we have developed the FLEX application. Perfectly integrated into the IT environment, it promotes informal and spontaneous meetings between colleagues by allowing them to consult, plan and share their attendance calendar and reserve a workspace next to their team or community.

Thanks to Hubtobee solutions, companies are able to reevaluate hybrid working and flexible workspaces and become more agile as employees gain more flexibility and time.

Last but not least, with Hubtobee FLEX, colleagues use their time spent in the office to collaborate and to create and strengthen human bonds. These are the two essential activities that ensure individual well-being and collective success.

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Already used by over 50,000 employees, our solutions are highly recognized by employees, team leaders, HR, and travel managers.

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