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The business travel shared agenda

No more running into your colleagues only by chance.

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Hubtobee - Notre produit

Finally, a simple way to know who is traveling,
where and when within your structure.

Hubtobee targets everyone - travelers as sedentary people - and enriches the potential of business travels
to make it a powerful lever of transversality, agility and growth. A turnkey solution that perfectly integrates with existing business tools (Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Lotus), travel agencies and OBT.

Consulter et filtrer les voyages, détecter des collaborateurs

View and filter trips, find your colleagues

Prendre RDV et rencontrer les collègues qui voyagent à proximité

Make appointments and meet colleagues who are traveling nearby

Rapport email hebdomadaire des visiteurs sur site

Weekly email notification of visitors at your workplace

Partage automatique des déplacements planifiés

Automatic sharing of the scheduled trips

Sécurité des données personnelles et respect de la confidentialité

Security of personal data and respect of the confidentiality

Intégration aux outils existants, déploiement immédiat

Integration with existing tools, immediate deployment

Hubtobee - Flux des déplacements pros sur mobile

Your colleagues are traveling, find out when and where.

In the blink of an eye, check out the flow of business trips shared by colleagues in your company. This participative calendar lets you know who is coming to your workplace and who will be in the same place as you during your next trip. An innovative and fun way to meet colleagues all over the world and to travel smarter and less.

Develop your network, double opportunities.

The application allows you to quickly identify new contacts depending on where you are; on the move or at your regular workplace.

Filter according to your interests, select the relevant travelers and suggest a meeting with a click.

Developing your internal network and detecting new connections has never been so simple.

Hubtobee - Prise de rendez-vous sur mobile
Hubtobee - Partage de voyages d'affaires sur mobile

Publish your travels, become visible without effort.

A simple click in an email allows you to share your trip and become visible to your colleagues.

Publish your upcoming trips to maximize meeting opportunities, communicate your schedule with your team and boost your projects.

Take the advantage to carry a colleague's parcel and avoid a mailing, it is more ecological !

Hubtobee - Une solution intégrée et sécurisée

A simple, secure and perfectly integrated solution

Hubtobee is a turnkey SAAS application, 100% integrated with the organization's systems and secure, without installation or deployment cost. The solution is GRDP certified by VirtualDPO®.

Hubtobee solution intégrée et RGPD

A simple mission, to travel better

Discover the benefits of Hubtobee for your business

Reduce silos by connecting travelers and sedentary people

Meet more colleagues, while traveling or at your office

Plan trips based on your colleagues’ trips

No missed opportunities "If I knew you were
here ..."

Manage the inflow to subsidiaries and avoid peaks

Reduce travels and eliminate redundancies

Improve the anticipation of booking a ticket

Mutualize costs: taxis, couriers, office rental ...

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