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Hubtobee wins the Business Travel Laurels Trophy 2021

Hubtobee wins the Business Travel Laurels Trophy 2021

Hubtobee wins the Business Travel Laurels Trophy 2021 following the successful integration of its application dedicated to business travel optimization at Safran.

On the occasion of the Business Travel Laureates ceremony on December 16, 2021, some 150 corporate travel professionals gathered at the Pavillon Cambon Capucines in Paris. 11 prizes were awarded to travel companies and innovative start-ups by a jury made up of travel experts and industry leaders during the event.

Hubtobee and Safran, Hubtobee Travel’s client for over three years now, won the Prize for the best longtime customer/start-up integration. Thanks to the start-up’s solution in business travel optimization, Safran managed to reduce significantly the number of trips and cultivate collective intelligence among its 50 000 employees in 10 countries.

Hubtobee Travel is a SaaS platform that enriches the potential of business trips to make them a powerful driver of transversality, agility, and growth. Both travelers and on-site employees benefit from a collaborative calendar to know who travels, when, and where, enlarging the employees’ internal network and multiplying the encounters between colleagues from different regions. As a result, obsolete trips are eliminated, leading to a reduced carbon footprint, work time gains, and travel cost savings. In short, with Hubtobee Travel, employees engage in meetings more effortlessly and efficiently.

“We’ve been saying that the presence is a present for over five years now,” explains Benoit Rabourdin, Hubtobee’s co-founder and COO. “After the two years of successive confinements, the entire world is sharing with us this vision! Hubtobee makes it possible to leverage the co-presence of colleagues to save the planet by reducing trips and revealing carpooling opportunities. Last but not least, collective intelligence is also improving.”

In the post-pandemic world, when business trips come back to life, Safran foresees new saving opportunities and substantial reductions in their carbon footprint thanks to Hubtobee’s applications.

Hubtobee’s success is not limited to corporate travel. While waiting for the end of travel restrictions, Hubtobee has developed another solution (also based on collective intelligence) to manage hybrid work and flexible workspaces. Named Hubtobee FLEX, the tool allows to easily organize the team’s presence in the office and optimize workspaces.