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Hubtobee Flex, smart hybrid work solution

Come to the office at the right moment to meet the right people.

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You are one step closer to smart Flex Office and Hybrid Work solution.


Hubtobee : Solution de Flex-Office et Télétravail

The answer to all your Hybrid Office pain points

The workplace is no longer limited to an office. Colleagues no longer come to the office to send emails but to meet their coworkers. Yet, asking for a Work From Home day is not the same as asking for a day off. Smart management of the flex office requires profound consideration of the company's remote work policy. Luckily, flex office and hybrid working fit well in the presence management. Hubtobee Flex is a simple, secure, and 100% integrated Hybrid Work and Office solution.

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A Simple Way to Organize Your WFH and On-Site Days

Attendance Calendar
Shared Calendar

WFH, on-site days, business trips, and holidays

Flex Office
& Flow Management
Flex-office management

Office, parking,
and lunch spaces

& Monitoring Tools
gestion de télétravail

Remote Work
& Space Occupation rates

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You are one step closer to smart Hybrid Work and Office solution.

Four Distinct & Complementary Modules to Manage Hybrid Working

The application that reinvents the presence of colleagues

Hubtobee : Solution de Flex-Office et Télétravail

Collaborative module

The shared attendance calendar: declare and share the organization of your week

Allow employees to organize themselves depending on the presence of their colleagues:

  • Who will be in the office tomorrow?
  • Where are my colleagues?
  • When is the best time to meet others in the office?


  • Attendance calendar with space capacity rates
  • Verification of the employee anticipated presence according to the company-defined agreements and terms
  • Schedule Sharing with your teams and communities (with or without access restrictions)

Pilot module

Adapt your management to the new hybrid work organization

Organize teams' presence on-site according to your needs and the target occupancy rates. Ensure that company WFH agreements are integrated and respected.

  • What remote work rules should be set up for each team (company agreements)?
  • How to enforce these rules (validation workflow)?
  • Who is where? Where are my teams and their members (on-site, remote, traveling, or absent)?
  • What occupancy rate should be set per site?


  • Dashboards & Indicators: Analysis of the distribution of on-site and remote periods (Actual, Planned, Comparative)
  • Schedule Approval: Management of employee schedules, Manager's Module with a consolidated view of the teams
  • Enriched Data: Management of local constraints (specific modalities)
Solution RH de Flex-Office et Télétravail
Solution Hubtobee de Flex-Office

Logistics module

Make your office flexible by incorporating a WFH policy

Let employees organize themselves depending on their colleagues' presence on-site. Allow the company to optimize its office occupancy.

  • Who will be in the office tomorrow?
  • Where are my colleagues?
  • When is the best time to meet others in the office?
  • Are there any desk availabilities the day I want to come to the office?
  • Can I take place near my team?
  • Can I choose my location: workstation, floor, office, meeting room?
  • How do I calculate the unnecessary m2?


  • Book your workspace or a meeting room depending on their availability directly from the application
  • Reserve your workstation based on bookings made by other coworkers or community
  • Manage office-based, assigned, and mobile employees
  • Declare employee presence and real-time space capacity rates using QR-CODE or Space-Code technologies at arrival/departure to:
    • Use a reserved space
    • Book an available location on-spot

Space planning module

Streamline office space: immediate ROI!

Hybrid work saves office space. One working day per week converted into remote activity can help the company eliminate 20% of its office space. The gain doubles as the number of WFH days increase.

We use various sensors to calculate attendance hour-by-hour and collect real-time data in order to simulate the optimum workspace surface required for the organization.

Solution Hubtobee Flex

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You are one step closer to smart Flex Office and Hybrid Work solution.


Hubtobee integration SIHR

A simple, secure, and fully integrated solution

Hubtobee Flex is a turnkey SaaS application that can be easily integrated into the organization's systems. Our solution is GDPR-compliant and certified by VirtualDPO®.

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