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FLEX, smart organizer for flexible telework

Come to the office at the right moment to come across the right people.

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An answer to all the questions raised by teleworking

The workplace is no longer unique, it is no longer just the office. Colleagues no longer come
to the office to do their emails but to meet their colleagues. Telework is not the same as
taking a day off. Intelligent management of the flex office requires consideration of
teleworking policy. Flex Office and telework fit perfectly in a global management of co-

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A simple user path

Collaborative management of presence
Fonctionnalité agenda partagé - Application Hubtobee Flex

Telework, office, day off, travelling

Flex Office
& Flow Management
Fonctionnalité flex office - Application Hubtobee Flex

Offices, parkings
and meals

& management tools
Fonctionnalité monitoring - Application Hubtobee Flex

Telework and
occupation rate of the space

4 distinct and complementary modules

The application that reinvents the presence between colleagues


Collaborative module

The shared attendance calendar. Every employee declares and shares the organization of his week (home, work, absence).

Allow employees to organize themselves around their colleagues :

  • Who will be in the office tomorrow ?
  • Where are my colleagues ?
  • When is the best time to meet others in the office ?

Examples of features :

  • Attendance calendar in capacity mode
  • Checking for the employee's forecast according to the terms & agreements defined
  • Sharing schedules (submitted) with the community (with or without restrictions)

Pilot module

Adapting management to the new work organization between face-to-face and remote

Organize the presence of teams on site according to the needs and the target occupancy rates. Ensure that company agreements are integrated and respected.

  • What are the rights to be set up for my teams (company agreements) ?
  • How to enforce these rights (validation workflow)?
  • Who is where? Where are the teams (office, telecommuting, travel, off) ?
  • What occupancy rate should be set per site?

Examples of features:

  • Dashboards & indicators: Analysis of the distribution of the activity Face-to-Face / Remote (Actual, Planned, Comparison)
  • Approval of schedules: Management of employee schedules, Manager Module with consolidated view of teams
  • Enriched data: Local manager constraints (specific terms)

Logistic module

Make your office flexible by incorporating your new teleworking policy

Allow employees to organize themselves according to their colleagues
Allow the company to optimize the occupancy of the offices:

  • Who will be in the office tomorrow?
  • Where are my colleagues?
  • When is the best time to meet others in the office?
  • Is there room when I want to come to the office?
  • Can I be near my team?
  • Can I choose my location: workstation, office, meeting room?? 
  • How do I calculate the unnecessary m2?

Exemples de fonctionnalités: 

  • Examples of features:
  • Reservation of your chosen location according to availability through the application (workstations, meeting room)
  • Reservation of your location according to a colleague or community
  • By using a reserved space (arrival / departure of the space)
  • By immediate reservation of an available space/resource

Space planning module

Rationalize office space: immediate ROI!

Flexibility of the employee attendance allows to save on office space.
If the site transforms one working day per week into teleworking, 20% of the m2 can be eliminated.

These savings double quickly when the number of days teleworked increase.
Our hourly attendance sensors allow to collect real data to simulate the optimum workspace
needed by the organization.

Hubtobee - Une solution intégrée et sécurisée

A simple, secure and fully integrated solution

hubtobee is a turnkey SAAS application, 100% integrated to the organization's systems and secured, with no installation or deployment costs. The solution is RGPD certified by VirtualDPO®.

Hubtobee solution intégrée et RGPD